Island Clayworks was hatched in 2007 and comprises two distinct domains - pottery as well as project management consulting services.

Our goal is to provide high quality, locally-made ceramic ware which has been carefully crafted with attention not only to form and function, but also to environmental impact and durability. 

Values of excellence, honesty, and integrity are the hallmarks of our work.

Island Clayworks is committed to the principles of glaze stability as espoused by Ron Roy and John Hesselberth*  resulting in functional and durable glazes that will not leach or fade with exposure to the rigors of daily use. Quite simply, this means that red wine left overnight in your wine goblet, or the vinaigrette dressing which sits for days in your pottery bowl will not adversely affect the surface of the pot or your health.

Please contact us with any questions about pottery products or instruction.


* Mastering Cone 6 Glazes (ISBN 0-9730063-0-7)